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[25Jun05_1222pm ]
i made $10 in tips tonight.. ahaha. STUPID
Finding True Love

[23Jun05_0222am ]
Sometimes the compromising that comes along with relationships makes me so angry and frustrated!!
For example, my boyfriend was being so mean to me last night, a total dick. Although, little did I know that he had just read a letter from the school he's going to next year which told him they weren't going to give him as much scholarship money as they had promised. Basically, the coaches lied to him so he would committ to play for them when they really didn't have the money all along.
But anyway I was mad at him for being a jerk but then when I found out what happened and his "reasoning" for being a jerk I had to be there for him and be nice to him because he seemed really upset about it.
I guess that's just how relationships are, you give and you take. Compromise.
Finding True Love

[21Jun05_1104am ]
i come home from work smelling like french fries.... no i dont work fast food sucka!
Scene 2; Finding True Love

[18Jun05_0859am ]
me and kristin have been going to the beach almost everyday!
not only are we becoming beach volleyball super stars
but tan skin and blonder hair are coming along with it
i love it
my boyfriend comes home monday!
Finding True Love

[17Jun05_0930am ]
"im going off to live my pathetic life"
funny, kinda, not really. did you want sympathy? you won't get mine. why post this on livejournal? because i probably won't talk to you again.
you get upset, down, depressed, life isn't going your way.
"i'm in an awful mood, lets go smoke..." you think you know yourself? you don't know yourself if that's your solution to your problems. you may think you do, but you don't. i'm telling you that you don't.
"you're trying to justify you not being in my life anymore by saying 'people change and grow apart' but it doesnt work that way." yes, it does work that way. it has happened time and time again to almost everybody in life. you should atleast respect that fact that i'm able to admit i've changed. and i have. whether you think so or not i've changed for the better. and you've changed too. maybe you don't see it. but you've changed. accept it.
i have figured life out. i am still trying to figure myself out. i do learn alot of things the hard way. but i am becoming wiser. i am catching on. i've finished my freshman year in college & i'm officially a sophomore. i'm on track to get out of a jc in two years. i received more awards this year in softball than i ever have before. i will transfer out & play at a 4 year. i messed up in high school. but i have grown up. i have a boyfriend who loves me. me & my family are closer than ever. what do you have to show for the last year?
you think i'm trying to be mean? i'm not. i'm stating the facts. i don't live in a little fantasy world anymore. i really don't. i realize that i'm 18 & i could be kicked out of my house & you know what. if i did get kicked out i probably wouldn't land on my feet. i would probably land flat on my face. i know this. i know life isn't easy. i'm learning to appreciate everything to the fullest. i know my parents don't have to put a roof over my head, buy me food, pay for my cell phone, buy me a car, pay for my car insurance, pay for my gas, buy me clothes, let me use their computter, pay for my school... they don't have to do any of that & i'm learning to appreciate them to the fullest. i am able to admit i took everything for granted but i'm not anymore.
and i am sorry we don't hang out anymore. i truly am to a certain extend. but you hang out with people you have stuff in common with. i hang out with college student-athletes. we've been doing our own thing for so long. you live in your little scene world. i live in the wide world of sports. what more do you want me to say. i won't sugar coat anything anymore.
i love you. you're my longest and oldest friend. but it's time to grow up. i'm going to graduate college in 4 years possibly 5 if that's what it takes then i'll get a degree in 2 more. where will you be? hopefully successful. you deserve the best. it's your life. take control. you're in the drivers seat. you want change? then make it happen. hopefully you've listened to what i said no matter how much you disagree.
get in contact with me when you figure things out. when you start to figure yourself out. we'll talk.
Scene 3; Finding True Love

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